DIY: Kitchen iPad Holder

The other day, I came across a DIY for a tablet holder on Pinterest, and I immediately set out to make it. Like any good chef-in-training in the digital age, I rely on my iPad for recipes, chopping tips, and to Google quick swaps when I realize I have none of the ingredients I need […]

DIY: Bedroom Garland

I’ve been trying to brighten up my room a little because of a deadly lack of natural sunlight. One blogger I’ve followed since I definitively knew what an actual blog was is Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere and I’ve always admired her style. Her office decor served as beautiful inspiration for today’s DIY. (c/o Cupcakes […]

Let the Sunshine In

I’ve never been attracted to the color yellow. It’s my dad’s favorite color but I’ve always preferred pinks and corals and blues to a yellow shade, especially when decorating. But, for some reason, I’ve recently been very attracted to yellow in home decor options. That may be because it feels like it’s been a while […]