Manic Monday

I went home this weekend, so I really have nothing fun to share with you today. I got to spend time with my family, immediate and extended, which was nice and surprisingly calming. Honestly, I typically hate Mondays and the way they rudely interrupt my restful weekends. But this Monday feels like a breath of fresh air after […]

Sundays in the Park

Before I share my gorgeous pictures of my gorgeous neighborhood from this gorgeous weekend… Please pardon my brief hiatus. As you may remember, I started a new job about two months ago. It’s been so fun working in the extra-girly world of beauty and I’ve been learning so much about what it is I love […]

Spring Has Sprung… I think?

I was so excited to do a Springtime post because, well, it’s Spring today. So this morning I’m like…   I couldn’t wait to share pretty pictures of my pretty city during this pretty season because everything is pretty, right?  Right? Lucky for you, I snapped a great picture just a day ago… Ah, Spring is […]

Spring Awakening

I am foaming at the mouth, on the verge of death anticipating Spring. I feel like I could keel over at any moment anticipating the warm weather and gorgeous sights of the city. Okay, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic (who me?), but I am so excited for the sun to stay out a little […]