DIY: Kitchen iPad Holder

The other day, I came across a DIY for a tablet holder on Pinterest, and I immediately set out to make it. Like any good chef-in-training in the digital age, I rely on my iPad for recipes, chopping tips, and to Google quick swaps when I realize I have none of the ingredients I need and the oven is already on. So I set out to make my own and I have to say, this is DEFINITELY one of my better ones, guys.

Here’s my inspiration:


Here’s my final product:

6 - iPad in Useedited

Right?! Okay so here’s how I made it.


Wooden Cutting Board
Curved Molding – Cut to width of board
Super Glue
White Paint


I bought approximately 8 feet of this so the man at the hardware store could cut it down to 10 inches. 

1 - Supplies

3 - Marked Up

To me, how the iPad looked while on the holder was most important, so I picked the perfect iPad reading height and marked the dowel positioning from there. 

2 - Glued

I used super glue because I trust it more than wood glue. 

4 - painted


5 - final

Look how horrible my hair looks in that reflection. It looks actually so much better IRL. 

I still need a support for the back. My inspiration used a long building block for support. I think I may grab a wooden plate easel for it and paint it white to match. In the meantime, I’ll keep up propped up and displaying my next recipe!


5 thoughts on “DIY: Kitchen iPad Holder

  1. CASE! This came out so good–I’m seriously impressed. I might have to sweet talk you into making me one–I try to use that weird folding contraption of my iPad cover, but it never really works. Boo!

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