Manic Monday

I went home this weekend, so I really have nothing fun to share with you today. I got to spend time with my family, immediate and extended, which was nice and surprisingly calming. Honestly, I typically hate Mondays and the way they rudely interrupt my restful weekends. But this Monday feels like a breath of fresh air after a long and almost suffocating seven days last week.  So in all sincerity, Happy Monday, readers! I hope you enjoy this fresh start and doing something great with it.


A little beauty early in the morning. 


2 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. I actually don’t mind Mondays (which is weird!). I think it’s because it’s the first day of work, compared to my least-favorite day, Wednesday, when you’re tired from already working two days. If that makes sense.

  2. Ugh I hate Mondays! I always feel like I’ve been hit over the head with a frying pan when I wake up! I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend with friends and family! Love that photo!

    xo jen

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