DIY: Ombre 101

Well, I may have I failed Ombre 101, but it would be a true blogging comeback if I didn’t return with a slightly off-kilter DIY (inspired by none other than my dear friend, Pinterest). I pinned the photo below just a few days ago, and knew it would be a fun and “easy” DIY. Some people were born to paint and some people were born to do anything but paint. I fall into the later category.


But I took a chance and tried it out for myself and honestly, it’s not that bad! It’s definitely a different interpretation of the ombre effect than above, but I’ll still hang it proudly in my room… maybe.


Ombre Artwork 

You need: 
White paint
Color paint (I chose navy to compliment my mustard bedding)
White canvas
Paint Brush

1 - Supplies

2 - Strokes

3 - Painting

4 - On Wall


5 thoughts on “DIY: Ombre 101

  1. This came out cute! I just did an ombre project for the blog, and I’ve tried my hand at ombre-ing my hair before (which was actually really easy). Maybe now I’ll create some art for my new apartment!

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