Elizabeth Taylor

Today is, what would have been, Elizabeth Taylor’s 81st birthday. Of course, I idolize her impeccable style and ability to exude effortless glamour in every situation every day, but today’s seem like a particularly good day to note it. She lived a life full of drama but, much like Marilyn Monroe, in photographs, her effortless […]

Friday Night Pizza Night

I think I’ve already talked about my family tradition of eating pizza every Friday night, but if I haven’t well.. My family has this tradition that goes back as far as I can remember. Every Friday night, we have pizza. Sometimes we order in, sometimes we make it ourselves, but every Friday night, without fail, […]

Neighborhood Sweet Spot

As you probably have noticed, I have a major sweet tooth. It’s to the point that I might as well say that I’m addicted sugar, sweets, candy, and any kind of baked goods. I’m lucky, and profoundly unlucky, enough to have more than 10 bakeries in a a five block radius of my home. But, […]

Black and White and Gold All Over

As you may remember, one of my fashion resolutions was to accessorize more and play with bold colors. While I’m definitely on track with accessorizing more, I realized that maybe my colors don’t have to be all that bold. One of my favorite color combinations and arguably the most classic, black and white, is coming […]