Reds and Pinks

While pink is easily my favorite color, I rarely wear red. In fact, there are only two times when I am definitely wearing red. One is at a holiday party and another is Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day even when I don’t have a Valentine. As tacky as it sounds, I love to dress […]

DIY: Bedroom Garland

I’ve been trying to brighten up my room a little because of a deadly lack of natural sunlight. One blogger I’ve followed since I definitively knew what an actual blog was is Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere and I’ve always admired her style. Her office decor served as beautiful inspiration for today’s DIY. (c/o Cupcakes […]

Spinach Lasagna

I seriously love lasagna. Is that weird? It’s really one of my favorite things. The pasta, the cheese… wait, BRB I need to cut myself another slice. Anyway, lasagna is one of my favorite foods, but I hate making it on my own because of the sticky noodles. If you have tried to make your […]

Art Class

I love art. I’m usually attracted to classic pieces in big cold museums that are old and famous. New York is filled with smaller art galleries, but I’ve never ventured in because it’s usually a big empty room with a girl typing away on a MacBook. But when a dear friend called and invited me […]